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Understanding Russia Regional Healthcare Markets

Published 16 July 2014

  • 252 pages
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Understanding Russia Regional Healthcare Markets

A forensic analysis with statistics on national and regional health infrastructure and provision. An essential source of highly detailed business data.

Any assessment of Russia must consider the recent improvements, ambitious plans and the challenges that are influencing the development of the health market andanswer key questions such as:

  • How is the population and wealth regionally distributed?
  • Which provinces produce the highest levels of GDP?
  • To what degree does Moscow skew analysis of Russia’s financial and health infrastructure?
  • What is the primary and secondary health infrastructure in each region?
  • How is healthcare delivered?
  • What is the changing role played by private health provision?
  • Which regions are better provided for and which still need investment?

The quality of healthcare and healthcare facilities within the Russian Federation remains immensely variable. At the upper end of the spectrum, Moscow has a number of world class institutions and Western standard medical facilities targeted at expatriates and better off Russian nationals. However, at the lower end of the sector, equipment can be outdated and the condition of buildings can be woeful: in April 2013 a fire at a psychiatric hospital in Moscow region killed 36 patients and two members of staff. A similar earlier incident at a clinic for drug addicts claimed 45 lives in December 2006.

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