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Liquid Bulk Shipping: At The Start Of A Brutal Down Cycle

Published 01 August 2011

  • 31 pages
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Liquid Bulk Shipping: At The Start Of A Brutal Down Cycle

"The global crude-oil shipping sector continues to be affected by the overcapacity that is plaguing the container and dry bulk shipping sectors. Business Monitor International does not believe that demand growth will be sufficient to absorb tonnage..."

How likely is this view to play out? Could increased demand from Japan (following the March nuclear scare), coupled with ever-growing needs of China, be enough to solve the overcapacity problem? This special report, 'Liquid Bulk Shipping: The Start Of A Brutal Down Cycle', answers these questions and more.

The reports gives you an in-depth overview of the challenges faced by the global crude oil shipping sector in 2011, as rates continue to fall on the back of overcapacity, to better inform your business planning and investment activities.

The forecasts will help you to assess the opportunities and risks to your business whether you're a shipping line, shipyard, oil terminal operator, logistics firm, oil company, consultancy, investment bank or power company.

You'll also get the latest competitive intelligence on your competitors, clients and suppliers, with information on bellwethers in the industry, as well as coverage on the impact of the current problems in this sector on the bottom lines of tanker operators.

Use the report to support your investment decision-making and risk planning, by answering questions such as:

  • Will volume growth be strong enough to ease the overcapacity problem in the near term?
  • Will operators manage to raise daily returns as more capacity comes online?
  • How will bottom lines be impacted if daily returns continue to plummet and bunker costs remain high?
  • What tactics will operators employ to bring overcapacity under control?
  • Will larger companies be better off than smaller ones when the slump in the sector finally eases?
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